Yohoho Puzzle Pirates is the only computer game in more than ten years to have caught and retained my interest. The puzzles on which it is based reminded me of some of the shape-based I.Q. tests I had to take—only, you know, more fun.

Rom is the sea gypsy I play on all oceans, if mainly on Sage. This daring explorer is said to have brought the first watermelons back from Adventure Island and a black knobby coral back from Hypnos’s Cloud Island, two places he located thanks to the gold globe table offered to him by Nemo for desiging his sloop.

Salt and sun have hammered Rom’s skin into a rich bronze,
in stark contrast to the iron of his dreadlocks and goatee.
Hooked is the one-man crew Rom started on Sage. While I still toy with the idea of puzzling enough, and well enough, for Rom to start a one-man flag next, I will certainly never have time for that.
The Watermelon Awards
More information . . . when I have more time. :o)